Tips for Most Beautiful Hair Ever!

rfg yolanda 1 butterflyrfg yolanda 2Having had long hair most of my life these are just a few tips and tricks I would like to share.  Firstly, we know that the actual length your hair can grow coincides with genetics.

Building Blocks for Hair:

Healthy fats are very important for your hairs health.  Coconut oil, butter, olive oil and some raw nuts are very good.

Hair growth can be genetic.  Just know whatever your hair length is, if you take care of it you can have beautiful, shiny healthy hair.  All my young years I chose never to color my hair and instead to leave my hair as natural as possible.  I would wash my hair every other day.  I do deep conditioning infrequently, usually not more than once a month unless I notice some damage.  I am faithful to trim 1/2 inch to 1 inch per month so I never have split ends.

After washing my hair, I let the conditioner set for a minute or two before I rinse.  I towel dry my hair then  brush through my damp hair with a wet hair brush.

Some people say that they wash the hair and not the scalp;  I do the exact opposite.   I wash my scalp very well and then just lightly run the lather through my hair.  I wring my hair dry before I massage my conditioner through my hair and I never condition my scalp only my hair.

When I do deep conditioning, I simply use a palm full of a good castor oil.  I massage castor oil into my dry hair then wrap it and clip it up on top of my head.  I leave it in for a while and maybe clean house while it’s doing its job.  The hair absorbs the oil beautifully and any residue on the surface washes right out.

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The result is beautiful moisturized hair with a sleek,  smooth,  shiny finish.  I must admit with my recent schedule I’m over due for a treatment.  Remember most importantly, what you eat is definitely a factor.  Eating well and making sure you have enough protein in your diet, sufficient silica and some beef gelatin (collagen hydrolysate) are very beneficial to the beauty of your hair.

    Yolanda H.

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