The Frankincense Trail

One of the most informative books I think ever about Young Living is the D. Gary Young World Leader in Essential Oils that Mary Young Published in 2015.  This book really put so many of my questions to rest.  Mary Young laid this book out very nicely with documentations of so much that people have questioned about Gary.  Seems as if Gary could care less any doubts about what people have to say I agree with him when it comes to essential oils “We have no competition”.  But Mary on the otherhand seems to want to set the record straight and doubts people may have and has published this book very nicely.

Below from this book, D. Gary Young World’s Leader in Essential Oils by Mary Young,  I share about the Frankincense Trail.

The Frankincense Trail

Because of Gary Young’s desire to study frankincense, he began traveling the world in 1995 to see if the stories of the famous frankincense were true.  His first stop was in Oman.  He was surprised to learn that Boswellia sacra, the resin of the sacred frankincense of Oman, had not been exported for distillation nor was it being distilled for export at that time.  Frankincense resin was a local commodity used by the local people and only a very small amount had been shipped to the royal courts of Arabia.

Gary traveled to many different countries where it was reported that frankincense trees were growing.  He wanted to see and document as many different species as possible, as well as to be able to test and analyze their different compound structures.  He flew to Ethiopia and for several days journeyed by air and land to the farthest villages on the borders of Ethiopia and Kenya and to the farthest villages on the borders of Ethiopia and Kenya and to the farthest northern border of Sudan.

He traveled to many unpopulated regions, where he found Boswellia papyrifera, which is the MOST commonly sold frankincense resin in the world market and makes up over 75 percent of the frankincense resin sold to brokers worldwide.  B. papyrifera is extensively used in the perfume industry and for incense.  But while Boswellia serrata, B. carterii, B. sacra, and B. freeana have more than 300 scientific studies listed on PubMed, just three studies were found on B. papyrifera, which showed that it had minimal effect on the body.

Many companies substitute B. papyrifera oil forcarterii oil, mixed with a little frereana and synthetic compounds to make the oil look and smell good, enabling them to offer their oil and a lower price.  This is especially true of B. freeana, which in its pure state is triple the price of carterii.

Skipping over much interesting information you can read more in D. Gary Young  the world leader in Essential Oils written by his wife Mary Young.

In 1995 Gary and Mary first went to Oman to see the new excavation and archaeological findings of the ancient city of Ubar about three hours north of Salah.  With great fear of the unknown, they began their treacherous, life-threatening journey through the vast and constantly changing desert of desolation, heat, and wind from which they many never returned.  It was exhilarating for Gary because he knew that thousands of sacks of frankincense and myrrh resins had been carried and deposited, exchanged, and distilled here.  Many of those camels had continued on, carrying their precious cargo to such places as Damascus, Gaza, Alexandria, Ein Gedi, China, india, and even to King Solomon in Israel.

Boswellia Sacra is the beautiful and prized highest grade of frankincense resin.

During the past 20 years, Gary made at least 16 trips to Oman in his desire to learn as much as he could and to verify the frankincense species of Boswellia sacra.  He met Dr. Mahmoud Suhail, a medical doctor who also had a deep interest in frankincense.  They developed a friendship in their desire to help people with the ancient oil.  (that is just so cool)

After exploring so many of the Arabian countries, Gary decided to build the distillery in Salah, Oman, the center of frankincense history, close to the harvest of the Boswellia sacra resin.  Dr. Suhail and Gary became partners to build a distillery and started with one single distilling chamber in January of 2010; and five months later, 25 liters of Sacred Frankincense had been distilled and a second extraction chamber added.  This is the first large commercial distillery for the extraction of Sacred frankincense in  odern times, perhaps since the time of Christ – a dream come true for Gary.  Every year new extraction chambers have been added now (in 2015) totaling seven.  The farm is located on a historical site that was once a banana plantation, with a deep-water well that provides unlimited cooling water for the distillation.  The ground is perfect!

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