Dr. Purser Let the Cat Out of the Bag

If you haven’t watched this video of Dr. Purser yet I highly recommend it.  Hopefully, it will still be available as you read this post.  See video below. I will summarize a few important thoughts I’d like to share: Hypothyrodism is most times due to Zinc and Selenium deficiency.  Other vitamin deficiencies play a part […]

Causes of Eczema – Digestion, Candida, Hormones, Infection, Low Thyroid

Causes of Eczema  Body is out of balance – maybe producing too many or too few hormones. Low thyroid function – when thyroid function is low, circulation is reduced.  Advanced causes of hypothyroidism, the skin may receive less blood supply.  When circulation is reduced the blood nourishment is reduced therefore toxins are not removed promptly […]