Spring is Here and RawFoodists are Coming Out!

Balance ~ Balance ~ Balance

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing ~~~~

I’m in beautiful Arizona this weekend and I am seeing and hearing about many people moving to RawFoods.  In a way I am happy for them to turn towards healthier foods but it also scares me to hear this.  It brings back the Journey I went thru with RAW foods.  I talk about this in other articles on my website.  When I was introduced to the RawFoods diet it was the best thing EVER!  I felt great I looked great and then….. it started going in reverse where I didn’t feel so great and didn’t look so great anymore but I kept going with the RAW foods until I had enough of feeling not so good.

To be mostly RAW year round you must have a lot of knowledge and guidance it is not easy to avoid deficiencies that usually don’t show up to later down the road.  Even the well-known raw foodist, David Wolfe, does not promote  a rawfood diet for most people.   He claims you have to add superfoods, herbs and still you can run into problems.

Raw foods are great for cleansing and Spring and Summer are wonderful times to do this but don’t throw your body out of balance – too much is not a good thing!  In Spring and Summer I eat much lighter and for short periods maybe mostly raw but not for very long.  I may also partake in a cleansing with juices but again it is short.

For women, I have found that by eating lighter whether it be raw foods or juices we are usually taking in fewer calories and this is not good for a long period of time.  Why?  Because it slows down our metabolism.  Our bodies get used to eating less and goes into a conservative mode – then when we increase our calories it is easy to gain weight because our metabolism has slowed to a halt so it stores all those extra calories as fat.

I have found with nutrition, just like in my workouts, to keep surprising the body.  I have a book coming out hopefully this summer that will explain what I do to keep surprising my body in my workouts and with nutrition.  At age 50 (soon to be 51) what worked in the past does not work anymore.  It’s frustrating when your old tricks don’t work anymore!  There are so many diets out there it’s just frustrating and confusing.

This weekend at a Yoga Workshop I hear a friend tell a story where she burned out doing Power Yoga and so then she stopped the Power Yoga and started deep meditation.   That was great for a while but then took her to a not so great place in the body.  What I hear her saying is she went overboard and thru the body out of balance.  Isn’t it like us as women to go full-bore to something we love and keep pushing the body until we burn out.

I feel I’m much wiser today and healthier than ever and I hope to help some of you that might head down the wrong path for too long.  Again it is all about Balance whether it be in nutrition, workouts, working, etc.  We have to learn to listen to our bodies because it does give us signals.  Learn to listen to those signals early on because when you ignore them it will take the body a long time to return to balance – I know – I’ve been there and it was a long journey back!

So enjoy our Spring and Summer with beautiful colorful fruits and veggies raw and cooked and don’t forget about your protein.

It’s so simple to eat simple!

Sunshine ~~


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  1. says

    I LOVE this website! It has so much great HEALTHY information. But more importantly, I have so much respect for Susan and I always want to hear about everything she has to share. She is a wealth of information and really cares about us – wanting us to be more healthy and aware of our choices for a better life.

    Hugs to Susan:-)

  2. Barb says

    As usual Sunshine, you have given us good advice and personal experiences to draw from in trying to find ‘our own food journey”!

    My personal history was eating too many carbs and just plain ‘comfort food’ (junk food) over the winter. Today I feel bloated, slow, angry and uninspired to change. Faulty excuses are not working for me. Reading your articles over the past year but not always willing to change must stop! Please don’t stop educating us and planting seeds of encouragement.

  3. cindy says

    Great workshop this past weekend. The guest speakers were very well informed on organic superfoods and chlorine free water systems for your water and pool. The organic superfood that I sampled at the workshop was something I really enjoyed. I use to think that healthy food meant getting use to an unpleasant taste, But that was not the case at all. I look forward to trying more of the recipes you have on your website and reading more about healthy foods that are good for me and my family. Keep up the good work, you are doing a great service to all.

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