Here’s to Spring Cleaning your Body with a Juice Feast!

CHEERS to start Spring Cleaning your Body.

The more bitter your juice the more detoxing it will be so YES to more GREENS!

You can rejuvenate your system from the inside out by consuming fresh raw vegetable juices at least once a week. Juice fasting helps your digestive system rest and can speed up the growth of new cells, and this promotes healing. When you do a juice fast, you abstain from consuming solid foods and you drink fresh juice, water and herbal tea throughout the day.

Carrot Juice – is high in antioxidants and beta carotene.
Celery Juice – is high in good sodium that promotes tissue flexibility.
Beet Juice – nourishes your liver and is vital to many important roles in your body.
Cabbage Juice – is high in vitamin C

You can mix the juice from all these vegetable together and drink them throughout the day. Add some cayenne pepper for increased circulation and improved healing. You may also add lemon to your favorite herbal hot tea for variation.

Start with a one day juice feast and if you wake up the next morning and feel like a day 2 of juicing – continue.   Even just juicing once a week you will seek wonderful benefits and feel amazing!

A Juice Feast is different from a Juice Fast because you are consuming many calories during a Juice Feast.  You try to stay close to the normal calories you usually consume as long as it is reasonable – example for the average woman would be around 1200 calories per day.  A Juice Feast will keep your metabolism boosted so when you go back to food you want see the weight loss come back quickly.  You are giving your organs a rest day but remember you want to eliminate toxins out of the body during your feast so eliminate, sweat, move, release…..

When coming off your juice feast you will want to take 1/2 the length of time of juice feast to eat soft fruit that is easy to digest.  For example if you do a two day juice feast you will want to do a one day of eating soft fruits and maybe ending the day with a soup.  Your digestive system will not be ready to digest anything heavy so ease back into it.

A simple juice to start with would be one of your favorite greens such as spinach, chard, kale, etc and add 1/2 pear or 1/2 apple just a little fruit to make it palatable to drink.

You can have several juices throughout your day changing up your greens and adding more vegetables.

Beets are great for balancing hormones so add some beets to your greens!

My favorite evening juice is a salad in a juice – but keep it simple!

Salad in a JUICE

  • carrots
  • celery
  • radishes
  • chard
  • cucumber
  • spinkles of sea salt

So Good Luck Juicing.  To make it more exciting journal while you juice and make your day an easy day to just be aware and enjoy!



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