Simplicity with Plants

I just love my plants almost as much as I love my Essential Oils.   I also love starting plants to root.  I have been asked to share with you how I do this.  I love to use the Peace Lily, Oleanders, and Ivy.  These are simple, inexpensive and very easy to root.

My tip I put Frankincense in their water!  Yes, Frankincense is expensive and yes it does make a difference which Frankincense essential oil you use I can assure you.  It’s true All Essential Oils are not the same.  My plants just love Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil (so does my family).

For one gallon of water just add one to two drops of Frankincense.  See most people do not realize that when you have a medicinal essential oil one drop can make a HUGE difference in the cells of your body and in the cells of plants.   From my own experiences, I will only use Young Living Essential oils with my plants, my body, and my family.

Let’s share some pictures in my home of my happy plants – they are everywhere in my home.  You too can do this “simply”.



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