Retail Customer or Wholesale Member?

What’s The Difference Between A Young Living Retail Customer And Wholesale Membership?

You have two options when signing up:  Retail Customer or Wholesale Member.

If you sign up as a Retail Customer, you will pay Full Price for your orders. For someone that is really not sure and they only want to try one essential oil then this might be a great place to start.

Here is a great example below:

If you pay Retail for these three oils you will pay $145.72 or you can sign up as a Wholesale Member get these exact essential oils and 9 More! Plus the cold air diffuser Plus Ningxia samples, Plus Thieves Hand Sanitizer Plus two Rollerballs (you can see down below the Premium Starter Kit)


If you sign up as a Wholesale Member, you might be concerned about “what does Wholesale Member mean“?  I hear this question often – it is like going to Costco and you buy a Costco card for a one year membership except with Costco you have to pay a fee.  Young Living you never have to pay a membership fee.  That’s right NEVER!

If you want to get a 24% discount on everything that you buy, then you’ll want to become a Wholesale Member. You purchase the Premium Starter Kit at $165.00 that’s over Half Off Retail Price.   After you make your purchase you can order Young Living Products at  Wholesale Prices for One year if you chose if not then ….. NO obligations.  After the first year if you want to remain a Wholesale Member then just order $50 worth of Young Living Essential Oils and that will give you another year and you will do the same each year unless you decide not too.

Being a Wholesale Member your shipping is quicker and cheaper, big difference!  Once you get the Premium Starter Kit contact me for your FREE gift by email  Click Here.

Let’s Get Started with Your Premium Starter Kit Click Here to order.



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