Raw Organic Healthy Snack

Ingredients:  organic apples & organic raw almond butter

This is a great snack to have in the afternoon when you need a little energy.  This snack provides clean carbs for energy, a healthy fat that is filling, fiber from the apple and protein from the almond butter.   With this snack you avoid the GMOs and processed foods.

There is a debate going on where many supporters of non organic foods (could these be connected to Monsanto?) are saying they are okay – eat the non organic.  Consider your sources and who is backing these claims.

Apples should be organic since the peeling is most nutritious.  You can wash off some of the pesticides but you want get all of it – much has absorbed into the apple already.

Spend the extra money for organic apples and organic almond butter – avoid the pesticides and herbicides because you are worth it!

How simple but tasty!  Enjoy!

This is my snack today – what’s your healthy snack today?

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