RainDrop Technique Details

As you learn about the Essential Oils, you will hear about the Raindrop Technique – it is simply amazing!

Visiting the Farm in Utah we seen firsthand the horses getting Raindrop and they were excited when the smell of oils came around.

Raindrop is an invaluable method to promote healing from within using topically applied essential oils.

Gary Young developed the Raindrop Technique based on his research of essential oils and their antimicrobial properties, his knowledge of the Vita Flex technique and its reflex points on the feet, and fascinating information on the light stroking called effleurage and its effect on the muscles and the nervous system.

While visiting the Lakota Indians, Gary learned that for several generations before the U.S./Canadian border was established, the Lakota Indians migrated across the Canadian border into the northern regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  There, they often witnessed the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis.

Those who were ill or had complicated health problems would stand facing the Aurora Borealis, hold their hands toward the lights, and inhale deeply. The Lakota people believes that when the Aurora Borealis was visible, the air was charged with healing energy.  They would mentally “inhale” this energy, allowing it to pass through their spine and on to other afflicted areas of the body through neurological pathways.  Many experienced dramatic healing effects through this practice.  The Lakota began practicing this energy process mentally, coupled with light stroking to facilitate the spreading of energy through the body.

Gary has said that he does not know if this is where the effleurage he teaches (feathered finger-stroking) first originated, but it has become associated with this healing technique.  It is believed that the Lakota people continued their practice of mentally processing energy, coupled with effleurage, to distribute healing energy throughout the body.

Gary found that when this practice of effleurage was coupled with the therapeutic power of essential oils and the stimulation of Vita Flex, its effects were greatly heightened.  Since this therapeutic practice was adopted in 1989, Raindrop Technique has been embraced b massage therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals around the world for its help with relaxation, correcting spinal misalignments and antiviral effects.


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