4 Tips to Live More Simple and Happy

Less is More!

Live Life Simple

Loving what you already have can be a daily challenge.  Getting back to the most simplest lifestyle can have its rewards.  Loving what I already have has led me to a minimal, happier lifestyle.

1.  Think before you buy… “is it a need?” or a “want?”  

You know that new purse you just bought – did you need it or just want it?  Asking yourself this simple question each time you make a purchase will affect your life in a positive way.

2.  You don’t need something that causes debt.  

If we learn to love what we already have, then we can be happier without needing to accumulate more possessions.  Maybe that older car does have a few more years in it.

3.   You don’t need anything that makes you want more

Have you ever purchased a new pair of pants then reali.zed you need a new pair of shoes, then maybe a new top and purse to match?  Or maybe you purchased a new sofa but now realize you need to repaint and buy a chair to compliment your room.

There are some things that satisfies our needs but other stuff can create more needs.

4.  You don’t need things that make you forget what’s important

When you start to organize and de-clutter your environment, you may realize what truly is important to you. Possessions can sometimes fog your judgment. Sometimes making a decision to what you can live without forces you to look deeper in your inner self.


So next time you make a purchase, ask if it is a “need” or a “want”.  Most times it is just a want.

Keep life simple and enjoy your journey.

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