Learn about “Trade Secrets”

These chemicals are playing Havoc on our Hormones ~ thyroid ~ our bodies!   
That’s it that is how companies hide the ingredients. They do not have to tell you what is really in the product they will give some ingredients but they do not have to tell you all because it is considered their private recipe there TRADE SECRET.
The word FRAGRANCE – can hide up to 3000 chemicals in that one word.
So you could be getting formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate (makes it foam), Propylene Glycol (main ingredient in anti-freeze), musk (hormone Imposter!), and so many more.
I never knew these chemicals existed in our beauty products until 2006 and I had an eye opener when my LEAD was off the charts. My mercury was right behind and I knew I had to do something or I was headed to some serious health issues.
I try my best to NOT support these companies with chemicals in their products. I am not perfect .. but everyday I try to do better.
I feel confident when I shop in my Young living Store using my Essential Rewards (to collect FREE products) that I am avoiding these toxins 
PLUS I can shop from the convenience of my home – that saves me time and money and really most important to me than all of these is MY HEALTH.
Resources:   EWG.org
                       Vibrational Cleaning by Sabina M. Devita

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