Just Breathe

“The way we live is the way we breathe

The way we breathe is the way we live.”

The quickest way to change your mood is to deepen your breath. Breathing can be easy, a constant source of energy and relaxation. With our unique breathwork, you can learn how to practice the easeful and flowing breaths you took as a very young child. This vital breath usually gets trained out of us in today’s hectic world, causing stress and degeneration of our organs and tissues.

I was introduced to Integrated Breathwork with Dana Shanas  owner of Bayou Bliss Yoga at  http://bayoublissyoga.com/Dana Shamas and me

Fourteen years of practice and intensive study with master yoga teachers inform the teachings of Dana Shamas, founder of Bayou Bliss Yoga. Through her yoga practice, she has learned to walk through the challenges of life with grace, and enjoys helping her clients to do the same. Her studio, Bayou Bliss Bungalow is nestled mid-way the Museum District and Downtown Houston. Find us at 4318 Kyle Street, 77006





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