Estrogen Dominance Protocol

Women we need to support our adrenal glands.  When your adrenals are healthy it can make the estrogen to support you during menopause.

The adrenal is the major producer of estrogen and if it is low-functioning it will want to store estrogen to draw on when a woman goes into menopause.

Storing estrogen causes estrogen dominance which can lead to an unhealthy state.  Omega oils, B vitamins and trace minerals help to feed our adrenals in order to carry out its function.

Reducing stress will help tremendously.  Maybe try a Restorative Yoga Class or taking a daily walk.

We need to clean out any excess estrogens in the body.  As you start to clean out estrogens you may feel worse before you feel better.  Doing a colon cleanse and liver cleanse can be supportive.

If you would like a copy of the protocol for the cleanse for Estrogen Dominance contact me at

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