Dr. Purser Let the Cat Out of the Bag

If you haven’t watched this video of Dr. Purser yet I highly recommend it.  Hopefully, it will still be available as you read this post.  See video below.

I will summarize a few important thoughts I’d like to share:

Hypothyrodism is most times due to Zinc and Selenium deficiency.  Other vitamin deficiencies play a part too as he mentions in video.

Check your FREE T3 and FREE T4

T3 should be ideally (3.8-4.2)

T4 should be in range near (1.1)

Find a educated provider specializing in Hormones at this website:  https://mqrx.com/find-a-providerin

Hair Loss #1 issue – Zinc Deficiency

Want to know his top supplement he recommends?

Did you guess Thyromin?  Nope

Did you guess Endoflex?  Nope

It’s Master Formula! (if you have MTHFR – even more reason to take MF)  He also suggests to compliment it with Super B and Mineral Essence.  He suggests taking a shot of Ningxia with Mineral Essence and orange essential oil together it not only disguises the taste but is excellent for absorbing your minerals.

Thyromin is excellent – Gary young suggested taking 2 at night and 1 in the morning.  Severe cases take no more than 5 pm and 3 in am.

Hot Flashes – most times due to low progesterone (use Progessence see these articles on  Progessence Plus

Dr. Purser let the cat out of the bag ???

Yes he mentions he is working with Young Living to formulate some awesome products coming soon!  Dr. Purser formulated our Young Living Progessence Plus – a Young Living Product I keep in stock always!  It has saved me and helped me make it through pre menopause and into menopause and I’m forever grateful.  At age 57 I feel vibrant, on no medications, living a healthy energetic lifestyle.

Also be sure to check out Thyroid + Ebook  Click Here  This is an awesome book you can order in print on Amazon.

Lastly, be sure to check out more information on Myrtle Essential Oil and Hormones there is an article in the Ebook.

Thyroid Symptoms and Treatments Facebook Live with Dan Purser MD! Ask your questions!

Posted by Dan Purser MD on Wednesday, August 7, 2019


This is Dr. Dan Purser’s website for more information.  https://danpursermd.com

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