Melt your Cellulite Inexpensively!

Dry skin brushing is an inexpensive way to improve your health on a daily basis and only takes a few minutes a day.  You will start to notice a change in your skin and improve your health.

Dry skin brushing is one of the best techniques for opening pores of the skin, stimulating and detoxifying the lymphatic system.   The skin is the largest organ of the body and the most powerful route for eliminating toxins.  People with chronic fatigue and other diseases associated with toxic overload benefit greatly from skin brushing.

Skin brushing helps move lymph fluid and gives us a jump-start on health. When the pores are not clogged with dead cells and the lymphatic system is cleansed, the body is able to eliminating toxins and waste material.

Skin Brushing and Cellulite

Many women who may or may not be overweight suffer from cellulite.  The little dimples that form on the thighs and buttocks are due to the accumulation of fats, proteins and other waste products that are not being excreted from the body efficiently.  Dry skin brushing can help kick start the lymphatic system by stimulating the lymph canals, which helps detoxify the blood and reduces the toxic build up that can cause cellulite.

Benefits of dry skin brushing

  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • cleans toxins from the lymphatic system
  • helps digestion
  • stimulates circulation
  • increases cell renewal
  • strengthens the immune system
  • tightens the skin
  • removes dead skin layers and other debris from pores

How To: Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing starts with dry skin and a soft, dry brush with natural bristles. It’s recommended to brush your skin before showering so the dead skin will be whisked down the drain after showering.

Starting at your feet, begin brushing your skin and always move your brush strokes toward your heart which promotes detoxification. Move up your legs and then brush your back and stomach, again brushing towards your heart. Finally, brush your arms and upper body, using strokes toward the heart. Brush for a few minutes each day and within a few weeks you’ll start to notice an improvement.

You’ll want to brush firmly so that your skin turns lightly red, but not to hard to cause pain or irritation. Be sure to be gentle on areas with thin skin, like your face and neck, and avoid brushing areas with rashes or broken skin.

To maximize the lymphatic benefits, the skin should be brushed according to the locations of the two lymph plexuses. The majority of the lymph in the body drains into the thoracic duct, located near the heart. The lymph from the right side of the face, neck and chest, including the right arm, and following the line of the ribs down drains into the right lymphatic ducts, located above the liver, under the right breast.

The skin should therefore be brushed in long, firm strokes up the legs and in towards the heart, except for the upper-right quadrant, which should be brushed downwards towards the liver (under the right ribcage) and the right breast.

After Skin Brushing I love to use this blend for healthy looking skin.

Mix together:

  • Use 16 Drops of  Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 8 ounces of Young Living V6 Carrier Oil

Massage this into your skin after skin brushing every single day after your shower.  You will be amazed at the results.



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