Quick & Easy Almond Joy’s

Remember the Almond Joy’s from years ago!  Yes we all do, right? Well you don’t have to do without anymore! I wanted an almond joy but I wanted the recipe to be quick and easy so back to experimenting and it turned out really great! Quick & Easy Almond Joy’s 2 cups fresh shredded coconut […]

EASY Raw Key Lime Pie

This is so simple you can definitely do this!  And tastes amazing!  Being from the South I know what  a Key Lime pie is suppose to taste like.  But, I also know that it is a lot of sugar.  Below is a keylime pie (healthier version) recipe.  You will enjoy making this with real whole […]

Raw Colostrum Coconut Berry SuperFood Snack

This is one of my favorite Superfood snacks.  Colostrum is a great superfood excellent for the immune system.  Colostrum is nature’s “first food”. It’s adaptogenic properties enhance rejuvenation and regeneration while strengthening the immune system, allowing your body to thrive under any circumstance. Colostrum promotes anti-aging and a broad spectrum probiotics in their whole food forms.Fresh Blackberries […]