Easiest Fudge Recipe Ever!

Not my Mama’s Fudge! How many of you like Fudge?  I am talking about the deep chocolate rich fudge taste.  Raised in the southern state of Louisiana, my Mother is one of the best southern cooks around.  Now most of you know “Southern cooking” and “healthy” have nothing in common.  Yes I grew up on […]

Lemon Cheesecake Paleo Style!

Most cheesecakes have a lot of sugar but not this one!  For the sweetner use maple syrup and feel free to adjust to your taste.  I hate to admit that I grew up on Jello-O cheesecakes which is loaded with sugar.  This one taste better even-though it may take a little more time to prepare it is […]

Dark Chocolate and Hemp Bar

Don’t you just love a simple recipe that looks like you been baking all day!  This is so simple and cures that Chocolate Craving.  A dear friend told me about this so I had to try it!  Thanks Yolanda! Dark Chocolate Hemp Bar 6 ounce dark chocolate bar preferably 88% cacao and 5 grams or […]

Fig Pinwheels – Taste Better Than Fig Newtons!

Here’s a treat you will enjoy.  Do you remember Fig Newton’s?  Well I don’t eat them now with all the preservatives but I do remember how good they tasted.  It seems we all have some childhood memories of some “not so healthy” snacks that still come to mind. This recipe uses almond flour which is […]

Raspberry Torte Paleo Style!

This is a fun easy recipe that all will enjoy and it’s Paleo Style~! This recipe uses coconut flour for a healthier alternative.  Coconut flour consists of 14% coconut oil and 58% dietary fiber.  So enjoy some healthy benefits while you enjoy that Torte! Lindsay, nine years old, made this beautiful Raspberry Torte following the […]

No Oatmeal … Walnut & Raisin Cookies

I enjoy these cookies when I need a little something sweet and filling … that occasional sweet.  These cookies offer protein and fiber and just a little sweetness from pure maple syrup.  These cookies will satisfy any sweet tooth! My husband picked one up and said “these oatmeal cookies are great!”  little did he know they are not […]

Healthy Coconut Flour Blueberry & Walnut Pancakes

These pancakes make for a nice treat you can have occasionally and not feel guilty.  Coconut flour is gluten free and consist of 14% coconut oil and 58% fiber.  Coconut flour is a healthy alternative for most people who are allergic to nuts, wheat, milk or other common foods that trigger sensitivities.  Few people are allergic to […]

Easy Freshest Raw Apple Pie Alive

Fresh fruit pie, ahhhhhhh.  The freshest apple pie alive and you will love every bite and knowing it’s organic and all healthy ingredients it will be even better!   Not only is it healthy it is EaSy! Crust 2 cups pecans 2 cups pitted dates In cuisinart or high powdered blender, grind dates and pecans […]

Just Simple Healthy Ingredients – Raw Pecan Pie

I made this as a raw pecan pie and just before serving I heated the pie for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  It was delicious! The taste is very similar to the Old Southern Pecan Pie but without the Corn Syrup.  Placing the pie in the oven will fool everyone!  No one will believe it […]


Below is another favorite recipe of Chocola Tree Raw Food Restaurant in Sedonna, AZ they also have an online store. I tried their chocolate Monkey Pudding and it was So Easy and So Delicious!  Don’t tell anyone its raw they will never know.   This is a great recipe to let the kinds make they […]