Raw Kale Has a Dark Side ….

And a good side! Long term problems can come with daily Kale Smoothies.  Ever heard of oxalates?  Would you like to know how you can make your morning Kale smoothie less toxic and more nutrient rich?  Many of us want to start our day with a Monster Green Drink chocked full of Nutrients, right? Kale […]

Reboot your Immune System with Colostrum – Nature’s “first food” keep

Why just Survive when you can Thrive with Colostrum? Did you know that there is a product available to you that is 3x more effective against Swine Flu than vaccines? Not just any product; A product that is all natural, free of chemicals, additives, etc. The product I am referring to is Colostrum. I will […]

Raw Cacao Goji Balls – Best Superfood Recipe EVER!

Did you know that chocolate is a super-food? Raw Cacao Chocolate is Super high on the anti-oxidant spectrum with tons of good healing effects. Unfortunately, most chocolate that is in supermarkets is heavily processed, refined, diluted and mixed with sugar, milk and other not-so-good ingredients that it becomes a junk food. What if you could […]

ICED Jing City Longevity SUPERFOOD Coffee Blast – AWESOME!

Now this is what you call a true Longevity Superfood Coffee!  This drink will put Starbucks to shame and GLUTEN FREE. Do you want the BEST SUPERFOOD COFFEE EVER?  This is it!  Not only a stimulant to get you going but it has great superherbs in the ingredients! Ingredients like shilajit, Dandy Blend (roasted barley, rye, […]

Raw Cacao as a Health Food

Chocolate has gotten a bad rap for a long time.  Many people don’t realize there is a different in chocolates.  Your cooked processed, heated chocolate is not going to have the same benefits as a raw organic cacao bean.  When I was on my journey of a Raw Food Diet I feel in love with […]

Deer Antler as a SuperFood Tonifies Kidneys, Fortifies the Yang, Nourishes

I met Master herbalist George Lamoureux founder of Jing Herbs a few years ago and was impressed with his knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Herbs.  He is truly an inspiration!  If you call Jing Herbs, George will take the time to listen and not just “sell” you a product.  He truly is on a journey to encourage natural healing.  If […]

My Biggest Mistake EVER on a “RAW” Food Diet

Several years ago, when I was introduced to the Raw Food Diet and lifestyle I felt this was the greatest feeling ever and said I would never eat meat again (never say never!).  For those of you who know me, it is usually all or nothing for me.  So I set out on this journey […]

Protein Sources from RawFoods and SuperFoods

The most common asked question when considering a raw plant-based protein diet.  Most of us were raised to believe protein should come from animal sources but nothing could be further from the truth. Obtaining protein without animal foods is easy and raw vegans and vegetarians are the least likely to have a protein deficiency because […]

“CHOCOLATE CRAVING ?” – Cacao vs. Carob

What’s healthier Cacao or Carob powder? Most recipes that call for Cacao powder you can use Carob powder. There are many raw supporters who love CACAO –  but are some switching over to Carob? Find out the benefits of each and who’s switching over –  And Why? Find out which one I use ….  More […]