Estrogen Dominance Protocol

Women we need to support our adrenal glands.  When your adrenals are healthy it can make the estrogen to support you during menopause. The adrenal is the major producer of estrogen and if it is low-functioning it will want to store estrogen to draw on when a woman goes into menopause. Storing estrogen causes estrogen […]

Raw Kale Has a Dark Side ….

And a good side! Long term problems can come with daily Kale Smoothies.  Ever heard of oxalates?  Would you like to know how you can make your morning Kale smoothie less toxic and more nutrient rich?  Many of us want to start our day with a Monster Green Drink chocked full of Nutrients, right? Kale […]

RAW Plant Based Protein – Sun Warrior Protein – Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Animal Products Free,

Today I thought I would share with you the protein mix that I have been using.  Sun Warrior Protein!   I have used this brand off and on for two years.  Sometimes I would rotate my protein mixes between Sun Warrior plant based protein, Earthshift brown rice protein and a very clean whey protein mix. […]

Increase your Vitamin E with an EaSy RAW pEcAn PIE Recipe

You will love how easy and rich this pie will be.  A little goes a long way!   Crust 2 cups raw almonds finely ground in blender 4-6 dates to your sweetness (I use 4 dates) Mix all in blender until you have a slight stick dough.  Put in pie pan or small pie forms. […]