Woman to Woman

Hi Lady Friends, I wanted a central place to put as much information and links for you that are helpful in helping you regulate your hormones.  Yes we all have them and when they are not working their best, we have issues such as low energy, weight gain, bloating, and the list goes on. I […]

Post Goes Viral – Astounding!

Essential oils have been in existence for ages as there are mentioned 1100 times directly or indirectly in scripture.  Did you know some of the oldest cultures used Essential oils?  It was only after World War II when essential oils were “rediscovered”.  Astonishingly, the science on essential oil uses grows with every single year. We […]

Which Starter Kit is Best for Me?

You can start with the Premium Starter Kit or you can go with the NingXia Starter Kit or you can select the Thieves Starter Kit This is Awesome, Where do I Order? Click Here. When you use my Member No. 1796857 be sure to Contact me for your personal support and gift!

Retail Customer or Wholesale Member?

What’s The Difference Between A Young Living Retail Customer And Wholesale Membership? You have two options when signing up:  Retail Customer or Wholesale Member. If you sign up as a Retail Customer, you will pay Full Price for your orders. For someone that is really not sure and they only want to try one essential […]

Why Ingesting Essential Oils is NOT a Good Idea?

As a Certified Aromatherapist, why would I agree with “Not Ingesting Essential Oils is not a good idea”?  Because most people think of Essential Oils as all the same but I quickly learn that all Essential Oils are NOT the same.  Using an adulterated essential oil internally is not a good idea. There are four […]

Cleopatra’s Secret to Beautiful Skin

Aloe Vera also known by the names Barbados Aloe, Lily of the Desert, Plant of Immortality,  and Medicine Plant. Aloe vera has been recorded and used for thousands of years by many ancient civilizations including Cleopatra who used aloe to keep her skin soft and young.  Aloe was used by the Ancient Greeks, Arabs and […]

Lack Of Self-Love Attracts The Wrong People

When we don’t love ourselves deeply, we’re always looking for someone else to do it for us – hoping the unloved part of us will just go away. We demand from others the love we are not giving to ourselves.  Right? So, you’d think that lack of self love would repel everyone. But that’s not […]

Calming Chocolate Lavender Candies

The Chocolate Queen is back in the kitchen experimenting.  It is hot in Arizona so what else better to do then make chocolates inside in the cool AC. This recipe offers lavender in combination to chocolate which is a great mixture. Lavender Oil is what is sometimes referred as the “Swiss Army” knife in Essential […]