Cheaper Safer Alternative Cleaning Products

I love making my own products because I know exactly what ingredients are in them.  While cleaning I am breathing the fumes of these products so I want to make sure they are safe for me and more important my family.  I just love these recipes below and they do work.  But always try a […]

Natural Weed Killer

If you are trying to avoid those harmful weed kill products, here is a simple, less expensive and safer alternative. Natural Weed Kill 1 Gallon white vinegar (5 percent will kill just takes a couple days longer than 10 or 20% strength 1 Cup table salt 1 Tablespoon dishwashing soap 10 Drops Lemon essential oil […]

Chocolates and Do It Yourself Class – Easy Recipes and Lots of Fun!

Great Class with gifts you will enjoy for months! The chocolate treats has been one of my BEST yet!  I had someone want to buy all my chocolates : ) There is one secret ingredient in my chocolates that sets them apart from all other. Recipes will be posted under Members Section.  Enjoy!     […]

Lemon Lavender Lip Balm

Lemon Lavender Lip Balm INGREDIENTS: 3 tbsp Bees wax 4 tbsp coconut oil 7-8 drops lavender essential oil 7-8 drops lemon essential oil 4 drops Vitamin E (40,000 I.U.) Lip Balm Tins or glass Jars No plastic – not recommended when using citrus oils as lemon.   DIRECTIONS: On low heat melt beeswax, coconut oil then remove from […]

Energizing Peppermint Oil Hand Soap

Try this easy energizing peppermint oil your family will love to wash their hands and body.  Kids love to make this soap and share with their friends. 8 drops Young Living Peppermint Oil 1/3 Liquid Castile Soap 2/3 cup filtered water or Ecosmarte water 1 Foaming Spray Bottle Enjoy!