Melt your Cellulite Inexpensively!

Dry skin brushing is an inexpensive way to improve your health on a daily basis and only takes a few minutes a day.  You will start to notice a change in your skin and improve your health. Dry skin brushing is one of the best techniques for opening pores of the skin, stimulating and detoxifying […]

Spring is Here and RawFoodists are Coming Out!

Balance ~ Balance ~ Balance Too much of a good thing is not a good thing ~~~~ I’m in beautiful Arizona this weekend and I am seeing and hearing about many people moving to RawFoods.  In a way I am happy for them to turn towards healthier foods but it also scares me to hear […]

Calcium Bentonite Clay for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Shingle and Poison Ivy

I personally have been using Living Clay for months and cannot say enough good things about this product.  I use this for detoxifying my body and cleansing the digestive tract, use it as a toothpaste, conditioner for my hair, any cuts, bruises or places that want heal on my body, and most of all to […]

Lemon Lavender Lip Balm

Lemon Lavender Lip Balm INGREDIENTS: 3 tbsp Bees wax 4 tbsp coconut oil 7-8 drops lavender essential oil 7-8 drops lemon essential oil 4 drops Vitamin E (40,000 I.U.) Lip Balm Tins or glass Jars No plastic – not recommended when using citrus oils as lemon.   DIRECTIONS: On low heat melt beeswax, coconut oil then remove from […]

Find out What is in Your Skincare Products and More …

If you are unsure what is in your skincare products – check it out.  Here is a great website CosmeticAnalysis How many skin care or personal care products are you putting on your skin everyday?  Less is Best! Believe me – it matters!  I had blood work that convinced me what I was putting on […]

Coconut Oil regulates Healthy Hormone production and Weight Loss – Recipe for Coconut Wraps!

Coconut oil is a raw saturated fat containing mostly medium-chain fatty acids that the body can metabolize efficiently and convert to energy quickly. It has has been used as a food and medicine since the dawn of history. Coconut oil can help the ease of digestion. It is also known to help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. […]

Raw Foods and Best WorkOut EVER!

Raw Foods is an excellent way to Detox and heal the body naturally but as you do this you still need to move the body and sweat out toxins.  Check this machine out – it is absolutely my favorite and most days my only workout.   You are probably thinking how in the heck can only […]

Reverse Osmosis – Dead Water and Raw Foods

A few years ago, I considered Reverse Osmosis Water the best available water if I couldn’t find spring water at its source.  At the time, it was important to find a system that would filter out the pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals out of my drinking water.  Remember our bodies are made up of over 70% […]

Increase Sexual Energy and Vitality with “Three Sisters”

No kidding! I love Jing Herbs and how wonderful it makes me feel! Recently, I was experiencing lack of energy, low libido, hormonal imbalances, peri-menopause and just not feeling like my usual self.  I eat very healthy and clean – lots of whole foods, rarely any processed foods, grass feed & organic meats so I […]