Cancer Survivors

Yoga for Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors

Yoga for cancer patients can help release tension and anxiety enabling the cancer patient to have peace of mind.  Stress depresses the body’s immune function.

Many cancer patients who practice yoga as therapy during their treatment refer to their yoga practice as a life-saver.  No matter how little energy or how sick from their treatments, they would find relief with gentle therapeutic yoga poses geared for cancer patients.

Yoga therapy is becoming more popular for cancer patients and cancer survivors as a successful method of combating the physical discomfort of cancer and cancer treatments.

Yoga used as therapy for cancer patients can help to eliminate toxins accrued during cancer treatment more effectively.  Yoga asanas (postures) stimulate muscles and increases blood flow which stimulates the lymphatic flow in the body.  Breathwork in a yoga practice can help to increase the current of oxygen-rich blood to the cells, delivering vital nutrients and clearing of toxins.

Many cancer patients or cancer survivors find that yoga as therapy provides an ideal, balanced form of whole body exercise.  For those patients enduring chemotherapy and radiation, yoga can provide a means to strengthen the body and boost the immune system while allowing a feeling of well-being.

Many practicing yoga therapy have discovered an increased awareness of internal stillness and sense of unity.   A gentle yoga practice can provide a sense of true health and vitality that spills over into other areas of life.

Young Woman Practicing Yoga