Best Vegan Friendly Dairy Free Chocolate EVER! and get 10% off


No kidding – this is the best chocolate you will ever buy – but be careful you could get addicted to it : )

I have tried numerous homemade chocolates out there and there are some very good ones for sure.  I have made my own and you will find some good recipes on my website but there are times I just want to reach for chcolate that I know is quality and will not increase my bloodsugar like most chocolates do.

Try ChocZero you will wonder will you have waited so long.

1) No sugar alcohols!  Avoid at all costs they give you headaches sometimes and who wants that in your body if you can help it. The same goes for soy.

2) ChocZero is ethically sourced, GMO free, and soon to be 100% stone ground.  They are low carb and proud of it. They make a good tasting healthy chocolate without cutting corners.  They work hard on launching new products to help the keto community as well as diabetics, health fiends, and vegans. Oh, yeah–ChocZero’s  dark chocolate line is vegan friendly and dairy free!

Now would you like 10% off?  Just go here:  Click Here.

and use the coupon code:  SUSANHUNTER

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