Retail Customer or Wholesale Member?

What’s The Difference Between A Young Living Retail Customer And Wholesale Membership? You have two options when signing up:  Retail Customer or Wholesale Member. If you sign up as a Retail Customer, you will pay Full Price for your orders. For someone that is really not sure and they only want to try one essential […]

Why Ingesting Essential Oils is NOT a Good Idea?

As a Certified Aromatherapist, why would I agree with “Not Ingesting Essential Oils is not a good idea”?  Because most people think of Essential Oils as all the same but I quickly learn that all Essential Oils are NOT the same.  Using an adulterated essential oil internally is not a good idea. There are four […]

8 Steps for Detoxing After the Holidays

1)  Give your Fridge a Makeover!  Be prepared with healthy alternatives when you open the fridge door.  Clear out all holiday leftovers and stock with beautiful fruits and veggies. 2)  Detox with a Green Juice Every Morning – Celery and Parsley juice is a great start of the day! Parsley Juice improves digestion and eliminates […]

Cleopatra’s Secret to Beautiful Skin

Aloe Vera also known by the names Barbados Aloe, Lily of the Desert, Plant of Immortality,  and Medicine Plant. Aloe vera has been recorded and used for thousands of years by many ancient civilizations including Cleopatra who used aloe to keep her skin soft and young.  Aloe was used by the Ancient Greeks, Arabs and […]

Lack Of Self-Love Attracts The Wrong People

When we don’t love ourselves deeply, we’re always looking for someone else to do it for us – hoping the unloved part of us will just go away. We demand from others the love we are not giving to ourselves.  Right? So, you’d think that lack of self love would repel everyone. But that’s not […]

RAW Hemp Seeds for Beauty! Nature’s highest botanical source of essential fatty acid

We are not talking about the illegal plant “marijuana.”   We are talking about a delicious small nut that is very nutritious and considered a Beauty Superfood.  Hemp seeds and hemp oil only contain a trace amounts of THC which is found in large quantities of leaves and flowers of marijuana plants. Hemp seeds is one of […]

Young Living Label Colors Decoded

DID YOU KNOW?? Supplements come in three different colors: blue, green, and red, and each of these has a very specific meaning. What do the colors of the bottles mean? 💙Blue Labels💙 The blue labels are for foundational nutrition such as Master Formula, OmegaGize3, and Longevity. Most of these supplements provide core building blocks for […]