Dr. Purser Let the Cat Out of the Bag

If you haven’t watched this video of Dr. Purser yet I highly recommend it.  Hopefully, it will still be available as you read this post.  See video below. I will summarize a few important thoughts I’d like to share: Hypothyrodism is most times due to Zinc and Selenium deficiency.  Other vitamin deficiencies play a part […]

Quality Labwork at Discounted Price

We would like to share with you that we have enrolled with a course with Dr. Alan Hopkins on how to read Biomarkers on bloodwork.  We have such a passion to help others this just adds to our ability to share.  We are only educators that’s all you will continue to work with your doctor. […]

Raw Chocolate Ganache Pie

You will love this one! This has to my families very favorite chocolate pie – if we didn’t tell anyone they would not know it was all “raw”.  Once you make this once it will become one of your favorites too.  It is a deep chocolate taste so a little goes a long way.  Enjoy! […]

RainDrop Technique Details

As you learn about the Essential Oils, you will hear about the Raindrop Technique – it is simply amazing! Visiting the Farm in Utah we seen firsthand the horses getting Raindrop and they were excited when the smell of oils came around. Raindrop is an invaluable method to promote healing from within using topically applied […]

Woman to Woman

Hi Lady Friends, I wanted a central place to put as much information and links for you that are helpful in helping you regulate your hormones.  Yes we all have them and when they are not working their best, we have issues such as low energy, weight gain, bloating, and the list goes on. I […]

Post Goes Viral – Astounding!

Essential oils have been in existence for ages as there are mentioned 1100 times directly or indirectly in scripture.  Did you know some of the oldest cultures used Essential oils?  It was only after World War II when essential oils were “rediscovered”.  Astonishingly, the science on essential oil uses grows with every single year. We […]

Which Starter Kit is Best for Me?

You can start with the Premium Starter Kit or you can go with the NingXia Starter Kit or you can select the Thieves Starter Kit This is Awesome, Where do I Order? Click Here. When you use my Member No. 1796857 be sure to Contact me for your personal support and gift!