Attracking the Wrong People? How can Roses Help?

How Lack Of Self-Love Attracts The Wrong People

When we don’t love ourselves deeply, we’re always looking for someone else to do it for us – hoping the unloved part of us will just go away. We demand from others the love we are not giving to ourselves.  Right?

So, you’d think that lack of self love would repel everyone. But that’s not the case. When we don’t love ourselves enough, we still attract partners – but  just not the right ones.

We simply attract other people who don’t love themselves, either!

And since deep inside we don’t believe we deserve to be loved completely, we end up pushing away the very love we want.  What’s wrong here?

We keep running after the love we want, and we never catch it. So not only do we not feel loved, but we waste time with people who simply can’t love us – or anyone else.

We need to love ourselves first.  When I teach Yoga many times I like to address we have “issues in our tissues.”

Can Roses Help?

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and the smell is breathtaking.

Rose essential oil can be beneficial for emotional well-being – can be effective during times of grief and not so pleasant past experiences.

The smell of the Rose can work at an emotional level.

Rose Essential Oil opens the heart and elevates the mind.  Young Living offers the purest therapeutic grade essential oil you will find.

98% of the time you will find Rose Absolute that  is extracted through a solvent method and can contain chemical constituents, therefore it is not a therapeutic grade.  Because this oil is so popular and it is expensive it is often highly adulterated.

I find many companies commonly adulterate Rose Oil with Geranium essential oil or Palmarosa essential oil because they have a similar aroma.

If you are paying less than $175 for 5 ml than you should be seriously questioning whether your oil is pure!

Did you Know?rose

  • One drop of pure rose essential oil = 60 roses!
  • Fifteen mls of pure rose essential oil = 65 pounds of rose petals!
  • One ounce of pure rose essential oil = 60,000 roses! – YES CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!
  • Two pound (and about 3 ozs) of PURE rose oil = therapeutic quality = up to $5000 per pound or more!
  • Can help us release fears associated with intimacy, trust and possessiveness
  • Has a sweet and floral aroma makes it uplifting and stimulating to the mind


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Learn to Love Yourself



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