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Welcome to my raw food website!  Learning about the importance of health, exercise and nutrition motivates me to be the best I can be.  I love to share my experiences in moving to raw foods and mostly a whole food diet while living a balanced life.

You might say nutrition is my hobby.  You can find me reading for hours a day from books and websites on nutrition from some of my favorite mentors.  While learning I feel I am about to explode with information and want to share with my friends.  Reading is very time-consuming but I feel it is all worthwhile.  I have had many good experiences with raw foods and have also made many mistakes.  I would like to share this information with you and hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls.

Having been raised in Louisiana on fried foods and Coca-Cola, I had a lot to learn about being healthy.  There was nothing better than a plate of fried pork chops, white rice and gravy, and beans that had been cooking all day long until there were no nutrients left.  These are good memories but I don’t miss those tastes and how they made me feel.  I am “picky” about what I put in my body today.

For years I suffered with severe migraines and seeking medical treatment always led to taking yet another pill.  I didn’t want to live my life surviving on a pill to make me feel better.  I truly believe “food is thy medicine”.   Food can make you ill or healthy depending on what kind of foods you are putting into your body.  Also, what we put on our skin is even more important.

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Dustin my grandson

After finding a naturopathic physician and taking many blood and saliva tests, eliminating soda and not so healthy foods, I was on the road to better health, slowly eliminating those horrible migraines.  My test results revealed a high level of mercury and my lead was off the charts.  I was astounded at how much of these elements were in my body.  After reading and researching, I knew if I didn’t get the toxins out of my body, I was headed for an autoimmune disease, or worse.  This led me down the path to natural healing.  I read everything I can get my hands on about how foods affect the body and can heal the body.

Even though I eat healthier, I have a lot of cleansing to do.  Many people think they can do a one time cleanse and they are good to go.  My body is 52 years old and years of cleansing needs to be done.  I’ve done water fasts for cleansing and they are difficult if you have to carry on with your normal routine.  I have found “juice feasts” to be great ways to cleanse while keeping your normal schedule. Additionally, if you can slow down your life somewhat, your body will appreciate it even more.

What I’ve also learned is that a person can eat the best diet ever, but if they are drinking toxic water, their health will suffer.  Check out “Water for Life”.

While I try to eat the” best foods ever” and “drinking the best water ever”, there was still a missing piece in healing the body.   I feel blessed to have found my true passion in Young Living Essential Oils.   These oils help make everyday life EVEN BETTER.   My family loves the oils and yours will too!  I am currently working on my Aromatherapy Certification.

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Join me in learning how to cleanse and heal the body naturally.  In my free time I enjoy teaching fitness, yoga classes and very passionate about teaching & sharing nutrition information.  I also enjoy volunteering at a local organic farm in southern California.

My grandbaby loves Essential Oils

Join me in learning how to cleanse and heal the body naturally with whole foods, essential oils and the best water ever!

Have fun reading, learning and sharing!

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Susan Hunter, B.A., A.A.

  • Aromatherapist (continued studies at this time)
  • ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition
  •  Certified Personal Trainer
  • YogaWorks Certified Yoga Instructor 200 hr E-RYT 500 hr E-RYT
  • 200 Hour Kundalini Certified Instructor
  • ISSA Certified Exercise Therapy
  • ISSA Certified Senior Fitness/Silver Sneakers
  • Experienced Raw Foodist
  • Certified Aromatherapist –  “my true passion I love plants, herbs, oils, gardening – just truly being grounded with nature”
Further education/training:
200 E-RYT  500 E-RYT Certified Yoga  Teacher , Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
Yoga Alliance Certified
Continued Yoga Courses
Longevity Event Conferences
Volunteer Organic Farm – (continued training about organics)
Workshops , Seminars & Trainings:
David Wolfe – Longevity Events
Daniel Vitalis – (true superfoods)
Nadine Artemis – (best skin care ever!)
Donna Gates –
Jason Wrobel – hardcore foodie in a gourmet chef’
Truth Calkins – Longevity Events
George Lamoureux – Founder of Jing Herbs –
Kevin Gianni –
Dr. Mercola –
Matt Monarch –
Gerson Therapy Seminar
Ongoing Trainings & Seminars – Nutrition & Health
Fitness Training
Trained with Cory Everson – Pro Bodybuilder – American Federation of Bodybuilders’ 10 Most Outstanding Physiques of the 1980s
Julie Lohre – Professional Bodybuilding competitions – training & nutrition
Rache Wade – Nutritionist Bodybuilding competitions
2004 – Bodybuilding Competition


  • Dr. Cassar – Earth Shift Company

    Daugher N Law Tania & Hailey
    Daughter N Law Tania with LoveBugOils
  • David Wolfe
  • Mike Adams
  • Angela & Matt Monarch
  • George Lamoureux, Jing Herbs
  • Truth Calkins
  • Daniel Vitalis
  • Many rawfoodists and vegetarians too many to mention


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