Quality Labwork at Discounted Price

We would like to share with you that we have enrolled with a course with Dr. Alan Hopkins on how to read Biomarkers on bloodwork.  We have such a passion to help others this just adds to our ability to share.  We are only educators that’s all you will continue to work with your doctor.

We can help you decipher your bloodwork and offer you great prices on bloodwork tests that are extremely less than if you were to pay out of pocket.  But first, always go through your doctor for bloodwork and use your insurance.

Just know if there is a Test your insurance does not pay for or you want to retest -use our link below- for example a Homocysteine Test is only $65 and I highly recommend most everyone get this test done atleast once per year.

The bloodwork is done at a local Quest Lab for the blood draw.

We hope to continue to share with you as we continue to learn.  Here is the link or just click on Your Labwork on our website:  https://yourlabwork.com/2huntergirls/

Forever Students,

Susan & Tania


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