Therapeutic Grade EO?

What do I look for in a “therapeutic grade” essential oil?

These are things important to me:

Seed to Seal Process – It is important to know the company selling the essential oils is involved with the process from the beginning to the end of the process of when the oil is sent to me.   There are too many possibilities between the beginning of a plant until it enters the bottle to be tampered with.  The more hands an oil passes the higher the chances of an oil not being as it seems.  No other Oil company is doing this!

Quality Control Testing – The company performing quality control testing on EVERY batch of oil to ensure that the oil is free from contamination, synthetics, adulteration and non-disclosed plant material.  Accepting testing from a supplier is not sufficient for me.

3rd Party Testing – The company submits to regular third party testing from an independent lab to verify the quality and purity of their essential oils.

Quality Testing – The company performs quality testing on EVERY batch of oil to ensure that the proper therapeutic plant components are in every bottle.  Some companies just test a few batches.

Length of Business:  Young Living was founded in 1991.  Gary Young bought its first farm in 1992 near St. Maries, Idaho, and its second farm in 1995 near Mona, Utah.

***Young Living is the Largest Essential Oil Company in the World