Kale Chips Recipe and Benefits


Kale Chips can be made very simply by either dehydrating at a low temperature or even a low temperature in the oven.  This recipe is easy and can be altered to your taste by eliminating or adding other spices.  These chips are a great substitute for popcorn!   Benefits of KALE 1. Kale is low in […]

Dragon Fruit Naturally Detoxes Heavy Metals

In California you will find some very unusual fruits and veggies at the farmers markets.  The Dragon Fruit has to be one of the most interesting fruits I have found with so many wonderful benefits.  It is a beautiful fruit with lots of color and tastes great! The dragon fruit is also known as pitaya.  […]

Goji Berry – Fountain of Youth


  Goji Berries in Arizona. Having the pleasure of working on an organic farm n California, I find little jewels like these everywhere.  These Goji’s might look a little different from what you are used to seeing in a package from a store.  When ripe you can just place your hand under the bush and […]

RAW Avocado Tropical Salsa

This is a simple recipe you will enjoy from Markus.  This is true food with nutrients. Cilantro is great for reducing heavy metals in the body.  Apple Cider Vinegar helps with digestion.   Avocado Tropical Salsa Mango Papaya Onion Cilantro Olive Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Black Pepper Celtic Sea Salt Paprika Avocado’s – quartered without […]

RAW Warming Sweet-Squash Soup

This is a very warming comforting soup you will enjoy. Ingredients: 2 cups  hard squash, peeled, seeds removed, and cut into pieces 2 cups hot water 1 avocado 6  soaked dates chopped dash of cinnamon dash of nutmeg dash of celtic sea salt Blend the ingredients in a high-speed blender for a minute or so […]

Lucuma Ice Cream and Health Benefits!

Lucuma and cacao just seem to go together like “bread and butter”.  I love the rich maple taste of Lucuma.  When I make my raw chocolate desserts I love to add Lucuma.  This natural sweetner adds a rich taste to many of my raw desserts and raw ice creams. Lucuma  has long been used by […]

The Latest Health Gadget that Actually Works – The Berry Breeze!

This is what I have been looking for and can’t believe that it just came out!  It’s simple you just place it in the fridge and it gives off activated oxygen that helps to neutralize those undesirable germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria and viruses.  Now I can keep my fruits and veggies for much longer. […]

Eggplant has a Cooling Thermal Nature

It is hot here in Arizona today but we didn’t let the heat stop us from heading to the Farmers Market.  It’s amazing to see all the beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables and how different they look compared to your usual grocery produce.  The smells, beauty and most of all the taste is so much […]

Here’s to Spring Cleaning your Body with a Juice Feast!

CHEERS to start Spring Cleaning your Body. The more bitter your juice the more detoxing it will be so YES to more GREENS! You can rejuvenate your system from the inside out by consuming fresh raw vegetable juices at least once a week. Juice fasting helps your digestive system rest and can speed up the […]

Healthy Pancake Breakfast with Protein

For a nice treat I like to start my day on weekends with a Healthy Breakfast.  This breakfast packs over 20 grams of protein and offers good carbohydrates for energy to start your day! So many people are avoiding gluten and for good reasons but while doing this they are instead reaching for gluten free […]

Raw Avocados Fight Belly Fat

We all know this amazing little green fruit is a great source of vitamin E, but did you know that it’s an anti-aging powerhouse?  This is one fat I personally try to consume on a daily basis internally and yes, sometimes externally as a face mask or hair conditioner.  I find avocados keep me feeling […]

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year!   ******************* May you  be Healthy and Strong!   Sunshine