Healthy Gelatin – Keto Friendly


I love the benefits of Jello! Gelatin is a form of hydrolyzed collagen, so it’s essentially a part of broken-down collagen. Collagen is “the most abundant protein in the animal kingdom” and the major component of connective tissue in the human body making up about a quarter of our total body mass. Collagen is a key builder […]

Kale Chips Recipe and Benefits


Kale Chips can be made very simply by either dehydrating at a low temperature or even a low temperature in the oven.  This recipe is easy and can be altered to your taste by eliminating or adding other spices.  These chips are a great substitute for popcorn!   Benefits of KALE 1. Kale is low in […]

One of the Worst things You Can Put in Your Body … Need Electrolytes Look Here!

Slush drink view

Gatorade, Powerade and more are some of the worst things you could possibly put in your body. It’s made up of mostly chemically treated & refined sugar just as much as a sode and includes artificial colors and ingredients that are not healthy for your body Gatorade recently phased out Brominated Vegetable Oil due to […]

Quick & Easy Almond Joy’s

easy almond joy

Remember the Almond Joy’s from years ago!  Yes we all do, right? Well you don’t have to do without anymore! I wanted an almond joy but I wanted the recipe to be quick and easy so back to experimenting and it turned out really great! Quick & Easy Almond Joy’s 2 cups fresh shredded coconut […]

Calming Chocolate Lavender Candies


The Chocolate Queen is back in the kitchen experimenting.  It is hot in Arizona so what else better to do then make chocolates inside in the cool AC. This recipe offers lavender in combination to chocolate which is a great mixture. Lavender Oil is what is sometimes referred as the “Swiss Army” knife in Essential […]

Paleo Peppermint Almond Butter Cups


Who loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?  Most of us, right? Can’t remember the last time I had one but I know that I have been avoiding due to the ingredients.  The recipe below is a better option and still the same great rich chocolate with a rich almond butter. With this recipe you can avoid […]

Hemp Bars Paleo Style

Yummy Hemp Bars

Looking for something filling, refreshing, touch of sweetness (maybe) little chocolate and good for you? Hemp seed is a great source of Protein and healthy fat. Thee amazing bars will make it hard to stop at one but they will satisfy all your cravings and fill your hunger desires. It’s super easy other than using […]

Amazing Raw Coconut Pie

coconut pie

Oh my goodness!  You have to try this recipe.  It’s better than strawberry shortcake!  To get the freshest best tasting raw coconut pie start with fresh young coconuts.  Using fresh coconut right out of the young coconut will give you the best tasting coconut pie you will ever put in your mouth.  If you make […]

EASY Peppermint Patties Paleo Style

peppermint patties

Dark Chocolate infused with a therapeutic grade peppermint oil is crisp and refreshing!  Just one patty will satisfy that chocolate craving with the richness of the coconut and peppermint to fulfill your sweet tooth.  Best of all it is a healthier option! Ingredients 1 cup 72% dark chocolate 4 drops young living therapeutic grade essential oil […]

Maca Blueberry Hormone Smoothie

maca rt

I enjoy maca not only for medicinal reasons but also as a food as it has a slight malted flavor and can be easily added to many recipes.  You can use a tablespoon of maca powder in smoothies, tea1s, nut milks, coffee or just about any drink you can think of.  I often use maca […]

How to Stop Sweet Cravings

green smoothie pic

We usually crave sugary foods because our bodies do not get the nutrients it needs to function well.  Some people try to fight their cravings with willpower alone but there is a better way.  Green Smoothie Drinks! You can add a Green Drink first thing in the morning and nourish your body as you start […]

Easy RAW Coconut Mayonnaise


I’ve made this mayo a few times and love it.  I spice it up with herbs or spicy peppers you can be very creative with it.  Don’t be afraid to make your own you will impress yourself.  I did! There are healthier options for mayonnaise today but nothing is better than making your own with […]