Aloe & Calendula Moisturizer

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Enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties of calendula oil, honey and chamomile, with soothing and cooling aloe vera gel. Great for senstive skin, sunburns, dry, or irritated skin.  This is a very simple recipe to make for yourself and gifts!   Ingredients 1/2 tablespoon raw honey 1/2 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel 3 tablespoon calendula oil 10 drops […]

Is Your Air Freshener really freshening the air?

Do you trust your Febreze?  Check it out yourself.  There is a website   that you can look up your products health. According to EWG there are more than 89 chemicals in Febreze do you really want them in your body?  Do you know that these chemicals disrupt our endocrine systems?  Do you think […]

Essential Oil recommendations for Normal, Dry and Oily Hair

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These are just suggestions for normal, dry and oil hair types.  Also listed are carrier oils.  As a suggestion you might try a base oil for your hair type and add a few drops of two or three essential oils and massage into scalp. Oils for Normal Hair: Lavender Essential Oil Rosemary Essential Oil Lemon […]

Tips for Most Beautiful Hair Ever!

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Having had long hair most of my life these are just a few tips and tricks I would like to share.  Firstly, we know that the actual length your hair can grow coincides with genetics. Building Blocks for Hair: Healthy fats are very important for your hairs health.  Coconut oil, butter, olive oil and some […]

What Is The Breath of Fire?

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The breath of fire is a breathing technique or pranayama.   It is a rhythmic and continuous breath through your nostrils with a balance on inhales and exhales. As a Yoga Instructor, I like to incorporate breathing exercises in my yoga classes for everyone of all ages and all levels to benefit.  I cannot express how […]

Attracking the Wrong People? How can Roses Help?

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How Lack Of Self-Love Attracts The Wrong People When we don’t love ourselves deeply, we’re always looking for someone else to do it for us – hoping the unloved part of us will just go away. We demand from others the love we are not giving to ourselves.  Right? So, you’d think that lack of […]

Experiencing Hair Loss?

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Something woman do not like to talk about even with close friends – thinning hair or hair loss.  It happens – let me share with you a blend to be helpful. Therapeutic grade sssential oils can detoxify hair follicles and have been shown to stimulate hair growth. Hair Growth Blend Combine lavender, rosemary, and cedarwood […]

Cleopatra’s Secret to Beautiful Skin

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Aloe Vera also known by the names Barbados Aloe, Lily of the Desert, Plant of Immortality,  and Medicine Plant. Aloe vera has been recorded and used for thousands of years by many ancient civilizations including Cleopatra who used aloe to keep her skin soft and young.  Aloe was used by the Ancient Greeks, Arabs and […]

Valor for Calming, Balancing Energy and Releasing Stress


  Valor is an amazing blend of essential oil that Young Living cannot keep in stock.  For those that know the powerful benefits of Valor – we keep it in stock in our homes. When we are stressed or worried we have an imbalance in our bodies. Valor can be calming helping to release energy […]

Maca Blueberry Hormone Smoothie

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I enjoy maca not only for medicinal reasons but also as a food as it has a slight malted flavor and can be easily added to many recipes.  You can use a tablespoon of maca powder in smoothies, tea1s, nut milks, coffee or just about any drink you can think of.  I often use maca […]

Schisandra Summer Skin Protector

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Most of us have heard of the goji berry but have you heard of the Schisandra berry?  This berry is choked full of benefits! I love my Schisandra tea I make often.  It not only taste great but it has numerous benefits for health and beauty! Skin Protector Sun in the summertime is fun, but it […]

Beetroot Juice – Natural Approach to Balance Hormones

Beetroot Juice

Start your day with a great blood builder – beetroot juice (with celery)! Beetroot juice is our next Anti Aging Super Juice!  This juice detoxifies your blood and renews it with minerals as it stimulates the cells and function of your liver.  As we age our liver can get a toxic build up and become […]