Releasing Emotional Trauma

How do PURE, Therapeutic grade essential oils affect the brain? The blood-brain barrier is the barrier membrane between the circulating blood and the brain that prevents certain damaging substances from reaching brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid.  The American Medical Association (AMA) determined that if they could find and agent that would pass the blood brain […]

Lavender Farm

Two Places NOT to Use Essential Oils

Details you must know. There are 2 places we NEVER put essential oils In the eyes Deep in ear canal If either of these accidentally happens, it shouldn’t damage your eye but it will sting and you can put in a couple drops of a carrier oil and it takes the sting out in seconds! […]

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Slush drink view

One of the Worst things You Can Put in Your Body … Need Electrolytes Look Here!

Gatorade, Powerade and more are some of the worst things you could possibly put in your body. It’s made up of mostly chemically treated & refined sugar just as much as a sode and includes artificial colors and ingredients that are not healthy for your body Gatorade recently phased out Brominated Vegetable Oil due to […]

easy almond joy

Quick & Easy Almond Joy’s

Remember the Almond Joy’s from years ago!  Yes we all do, right? Well you don’t have to do without anymore! I wanted an almond joy but I wanted the recipe to be quick and easy so back to experimenting and it turned out really great! Quick & Easy Almond Joy’s 2 cups fresh shredded coconut […]


Calming Chocolate Lavender Candies

The Chocolate Queen is back in the kitchen experimenting.  It is hot in Arizona so what else better to do then make chocolates inside in the cool AC. This recipe offers lavender in combination to chocolate which is a great mixture. Lavender Oil is what is sometimes referred as the “Swiss Army” knife in Essential […]

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yoga breath

What Is The Breath of Fire?

The breath of fire is a breathing technique or pranayama.   It is a rhythmic and continuous breath through your nostrils with a balance on inhales and exhales. As a Yoga Instructor, I like to incorporate breathing exercises in my yoga classes for everyone of all ages and all levels to benefit.  I cannot express how […]

Live Life Simple

4 Tips to Live More Simple and Happy

Less is More! Loving what you already have can be a daily challenge.  Getting back to the most simplest lifestyle can have its rewards.  Loving what I already have has led me to a minimal, happier lifestyle. 1.  Think before you buy… “is it a need?” or a “want?”   You know that new purse […]

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orange scouring powder

Cheaper Safer Alternative Cleaning Products

I love making my own products because I know exactly what ingredients are in them.  While cleaning I am breathing the fumes of these products so I want to make sure they are safe for me and more important my family.  I just love these recipes below and they do work.  But always try a […]


Natural Weed Killer

If you are trying to avoid those harmful weed kill products, here is a simple, less expensive and safer alternative. Natural Weed Kill 1 Gallon white vinegar (5 percent will kill just takes a couple days longer than 10 or 20% strength 1 Cup table salt 1 Tablespoon dishwashing soap 10 Drops Lemon essential oil […]

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